Amiga 500 Mechanical Keyboard

Our Kickstarter campaign didn't reach the goal, but we are working on the version of the keyboard which will not require any custom molding. Please come back late February for updates.

Our Kickstarter campaign

Amiga 500 mechanical keyboard

Our prototype keyboard on Amiga

Do you like your Amiga but not very happy with the keyboard? Now you can upgrade it to a mechanical one!

The keyboard we offer will:

  • Have standard Cherry MX compatible switches. These switches are used in the majority of the modern mechanical keyboards.
  • Use standard keycaps for the switches. It means you can use any Cherry MX compatible keycaps. Exception are some of the function keys which are not standard length.
  • Have sockets for all of the switches. It means the switches are not soldered and can be easily replaced by you (this is also known as hot-swappable switches).
  • Be easy to replace and it will not require any soldering.

We already have the working prototype of the keyboard. We tested it and it works perfectly, you can see some of the pictures of our prototype below. The only thing left are the keycaps, since the manufacturing of the non standard Amiga keycaps require significant up-front cost. To bring this project to life, we have to raise funds. Please back us up on Kickstarter

You can find more details on our project page on Kickstarter

Any questions? Ask on Kickstarter, or this thread on the EAB forum

Amiga 500 mechanical keyboard

Our prototype keyboard - PCB

Amiga 500 mechanical keyboard

Our prototype keyboard - on Amiga. We used standard Cherry-compatible keycaps just for the demo. Most of the function keys require custom made keycaps, so we can not show them at the moment.

Amiga 500 mechanical keyboard - keycaps

All the keycaps you will receive