A little bit about us

Few months ago, one of us found his old Amiga computer in his garage, and after using it for a while, was surprised how bad the keyboard was. That's how the idea for this project was born. And we already have more ideas (most of them regarding vintage computers, which we are very passionate about), and hope that with your support we can bring them to life as well.

Even though this is our very first project, we are not amateur as we spent our entire life working as professionals on projects of very broad spectrum, and many orders of magnitude more complex than this one. Together as a team we have all the necessary expertise to bring a new product to life, from initial design to final delivery. We have extensive experience in electronics engineering, software development, risk management and supply chain management.

We are very confident that our project will become a success if our fund raising target is met. Since we do all design and management ourselves, the funds collected from you will be spent on the manufacturing on the keyboards first. This is in contrast to some of the projects where all money is spent on salaries and in the end nothing is left to make the product. We don't take a cent from your money until after the successful delivery.